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Thu 16, August 2018 10:47:18BST

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 FC Bayern München v 1899 Hoffenheim: Over/Under

Friday 24 August 2018

  • All Odds
Over 0.51/66-01/40-1/801/1001/100-1/100
Under 0.520-1625-141616-25

Best Price Percentage: 101.4%

Over 1---------1/100
Under 1---------24

Best Price Percentage: 103.0%

Over 1.25---------1/18
Under 1.25---------19/2

Best Price Percentage: 104.2%

Over 1.51/91/101/111/9-1/101/92/151/81/10
Under 1.511/26511/2-559/256

Best Price Percentage: 102.7%

Over 1.75---------1/9
Under 1.75---------11/2

Best Price Percentage: 105.3%

Over 2---------2/15
Under 2---------5

Best Price Percentage: 104.9%

Over 2.25---------1/4
Under 2.25---------14/5

Best Price Percentage: 105.6%

Over 2.54/114/114/112/5-4/114/112/52/54/11
Under 2.521/1021/1019/1019/10-15/829/519/1021/10

Best Price Percentage: 102.6%

Over 2.75---------4/9
Under 2.75---------7/4

Best Price Percentage: 105.5%

Over 3--------3/511/20
Under 3--------13/107/5

Best Price Percentage: 104.1%

Over 3.25-4/5------4/53/4
Under 3.25-21/20------1/121/20

Best Price Percentage: 104.3%

Over 3.510/111/110/111/111/101/110/1121/201/11/1
Under 3.54/517/203/44/517/208/114/53/45/64/5

Best Price Percentage: 101.6%

Over 3.75-5/4------6/55/4
Under 3.75-4/6------13/2013/20

Best Price Percentage: 103.9%

Over 4--------13/817/10
Under 4--------1/24/9

Best Price Percentage: 104.6%

Over 4.25---------2
Under 4.25---------4/11

Best Price Percentage: 106.1%

Over 4.59/423/10211/5-11/59/423/1011/57/3
Under 4.51/31/31/31/3-3/101/31/37/201/3

Best Price Percentage: 103.9%

Over 4.75---------3
Under 4.75---------1/4

Best Price Percentage: 105.0%

Over 5---------9/2
Under 5---------2/13

Best Price Percentage: 105.1%

Over 5.25---------5
Under 5.25---------1/7

Best Price Percentage: 104.7%

Over 5.59/2545-5-59/25
Under 5.51/72/172/171/7-1/9-2/171/71/8

Best Price Percentage: 103.5%

Over 5.75---------7
Under 5.75---------1/12

Best Price Percentage: 104.8%

Over 6.51019/215/211-9---12
Under 6.51/201/251/251/18-1/33---1/20

Best Price Percentage: 102.7%

Over 7.520-1325-14---28
Under 7.51/80-01/66-1/250---1/100

Best Price Percentage: 101.9%


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